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Enroll in Columbia Community College

Columbia Community College Of Chicago is one of the largest community colleges in Chicago. This college has more than 120 programs, we have earned a reputation for being a world leader in arts and communication education.

The specialty of this college is the students build a professional grade portfolio over their study. The college is divided into three major schools:

1) The School of Fine and Performing Arts

2) The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

3) The School of Media Arts

Columbia Community College is well known for art education. Some of its popular educational programs are Department of Art and Design, Arts, Department of Entertainment and Media Management and Department of Dance, Movement Therapy & Counseling.  Columbia Community College provides undergraduate and graduate programs for these departments which allow the students to to explore an alternative or broader approach to Art.

Along with historical focus on art, its curriculum engages compelling contemporary themes sustainability and cultural diversity. Columbia Community College curriculum engages the students in research and practice by immersing them in a wide spectrum of theoretical and practical processes with exposure to the best practices in the professional world.

The programs are designed to be flexible and nimble so to help students develop a broad, as well as narrow and deep, overview of technological applications as they relate to problems and possibilities.

Columbia Community College programs develop students visual literacy skills and supports an in-depth inquiry into the practices of modern and contemporary art, criticism, design, photography and theory. Professionals from different areas of expertise lead many of their classes. Also the well-integrated arts core curriculum combined with liberal arts courses further develops the students’ education. Columbia Community College programs include focusing on preparing students for creative problem solving for the consumer culture of the future.

Teachings at Columbia Community College are built on a theory foundation utilizing the techniques necessary to develop, visualize, and communicate their ideas. Through rigorous practice of these skills, the students gain the ability to pursue innovative and elegant solutions that elevate the their experience.