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Top Chicago Colleges and Universities

Chicago colleges and Universities include some of the top research universities in the world.  Chicago is also the home of the concept of junior colleges.

The Chicago area is home to the Rush Medical College , one of the first medical school to open west of the Alleghenies.  Founded in 1972 but with roots back to the 1800′s the school also encompasses a 613 bed hospital serving adults and children.  Named after Benjamin Rush, a signer of the declaration of Independence, social activist, and advocate for the abolition of slavery, the university also offers degrees in nursing and health sciences.  Benjamin Rush even had the honor of calling George Washington one of his patients, and when he passed in 1813 he was the most celebrated physician in America.

The region is also home to the Cooking and Hosptiality Institute of Chicago which was founded in 1983 and as of 2000 has become affiliated with Le Cordon Bleu of Paris.  The school offers degrees in the culinary arts as well as a degree in Patisserie and Baking.  The school is divided into a north Campus and south campus , and houses 13 industry current kitchens.

Saint Xavier University is yet another institution that must be addressed.  Simply known as Xavier, the school is the oldest university in Illinois, founded in 1846.  Xavier is a private roman catholic school with a enrollment of approximately five thousand students.  It offers more than 43 undergraduate majors and 40 graduate programs from its 5 schools, as well as offering masters degrees in computer science, education, nursing, business administration, and language pathology.

These are just three of Chicago Colleges and Universities, as there are at least 50 others in the city and many many more in the state.  There are many great schools and specialized schools in Chicago.  Many may not though, but Chicago is home to the worlds largest theological seminarie, the Catholic Theological Union.  I’m sure any college bound high schooler would be able to find a school in Chicago that will be suitable to any one of their needs.