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Learn about the Chicago City Colleges

Many college-age students in the city and surrounding suburbs of Chicago choose Chicago City Colleges for their college education.

The campuses of the city’s community colleges offer a location, degree, and unique college experience to fit each student’s needs.  The Chicago City Colleges offer diverse campuses with a variety of programs.

The campuses are located throughout various areas of the city so students can be assured that there is at least one campus within a few mile radius of their home.

The Chicago City Colleges offer a variety of programs within several different majors.  Some of the offerings include hard to find programs that are often only available through colleges as online programs or through a private university.

The Health Sciences course selection is especially diverse, offering everything from the expected Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nursing degrees to the more exclusive programs such as certifications in the fields of Respiratory Therapy, Emergency Medical Technician, and Mortuary Science. These programs are highly competitive in that they require more electives and acceptance into the programs.

Other courses offered through the Chicago City Colleges are often only found through a private school or university include certifications in Culinary Arts, Hospitality Services, and Emergency Management.  The City Colleges of Chicago offer courses under the heading of Adult Education which can be essential for students that are beyond the average enrollment age.

The campuses within the network of the Chicago City Colleges also offer a diverse college experience that is easily accessible from various locations throughout the city.

Coursework is transferable from campus to campus to make relocation easier on college students who may find themselves living on the opposite end of the city at some point within their college career.  There are seven campuses total within the City College system, and each campus has their own specialty.

Harold Washington College specializes in the arts and liberal arts as well as business programs. Wilbur Wright and Malcolm X are the top choices for students looking to enroll in medical programs, and Kennedy-King is a popular choice due to its excellent location on South Halsted and its attractions which include a popular restaurant and radio and television stations.

Regardless of what a college student in Chicago is looking to specialize in as their major or what kind of campus experience they are looking for, they are certain to find a home within the Chicago City Colleges.