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Chicago Community Colleges – More Important Than Ever

Chicago Community Colleges have become more important in today’s economy than ever before. Many people have lost their jobs in this recession, and it has become clear that many of these jobs are not coming back. To make matters worse, the skills used in a previous job may not be needed anymore. There are no job openings for anything that relates to work done with a person’s existing skill set. This means a career change as well as acquiring new skills.

So many jobs have been lost in our economy to low cost labor in other countries making it important to get skills in an area of employment that is related to services; the type of jobs that will not be sent to another country. This is where Chicago Community Colleges can be so helpful. They lead the way in vocational training and can teach you the knowledge and skills you need for good paying jobs that are here to stay. Although there are private vocational schools that offer specific programs, it is the city colleges in the Chicago area that should be looked at first. Many of these programs have strong reputations and can be taken for a reasonable cost.

Kennedy-King College has a good bank teller program to give a person the skills needed to obtain an entry level position at a bank or credit union. This college also has a construction technology center that teaches carpentry, plumbing, welding, masonry, and even how to lay bricks. There is also a branch of the college called the Washburne Culinary Institute that has a good reputation for turning out graduates who are well prepared to begin a career in the food service industry.

The Richard J. Daley college has an accredited nursing assistant program that will enable a person to begin an exciting and rewarding career in the health care field. The Malcolm X college offers several different programs that will lead to earning an associate degree in applied science. Some examples include that of child development, clinical laboratory technology, emergency medical technology, mortuary science, renal technology, and a two year nursing program.

Chicago Community Colleges will give you the skills that are needed to pursue a career that can be both rewarding and lucrative. These are jobs that exist now, and will exist in the future in Chicago, and all over the nation.