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Chicago Community Colleges to Receive Expanded Government Financing

The good news was announced late yesterday that Chicago community colleges will be receiving more financing at city and state levels to expand curriculum and incorporate more programs at the A.A. As well, GED programs will be opening up in Evergreen Park, Schiller Park, Burbank, and Riverdale Community Colleges.The additional funding is geared towards more certifications in the areas of technology, veterinary services, and computer software/programming. Recent years have shown that demand for accessible and affordable continuing education in these areas by individuals and employers has been steadily rising over the last three years in the general Chicago metropolitan area. Research also indicates that 83% of graduates in these areas chose not only to stay in this region, but 3/4 have been able to procure employment in their chosen studies within 6 months.

With the recent upswing in economic growth, city councilors presented a plea for increased funding, which also includes the physical expansion of the above-named community colleges, as well as much-needed updating of classrooms, labs, and additional faculty offices. When approved, the next step was obvious – go to the state senate to present a bill to increase and support additional educational needs for people wanting to take a positive step in their lives with opportunities appearing more frequently for assured future employment.

One of the components in this success story is the Brookfield Zoo, which has more than doubled the successful breeding and birthing of a number of rare and endangered species surpassed only by the San Diego Zoo, the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, and the Berlin Zoological Gardens. Consequenctly, more and more foreign zoologists have approached Brookfield with proposals of lending or trading rare species to improve the rapidly-shrinking gene pool, as with the cheetah.

As a result of this success story, the zoo has upped its need for technicians in the above-mentioned areas to expand knowledge, care and maintenance, and public support of its breeding programs. In an effort to support the local economy, they strive to draw on Chicago’s community colleges – a success story on all levels!