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Truman Community College in Chicago

Community college in chicago also known as junior college, technical college or city college.  The college provides higher education, lower leveltertiary education and even adult education. There are several colleges in chicago providing degree, diploma and associate degree certificates.

Among many colleges in chicago Truman college, Harold Washington college, Kennedy-king college are referred to be the best colleges of chicago.

Truman college present in between Clifton Ave and Racine Ave is one of the largest colleges in Chicago with more 1,00,000 students.  Truman college is the home to Illinois’ oldest associate-degree nursing program.  Truman renders two year nursing program and a unique two year biotechnology group.  Truman runs over seventy three departments in both official and academic sector.  Almost six thousand faculty and staff help prepare students each year to enter the workforce, pursue higher education and advance their careers.  Student clubs, groups and organizations are available at Truman college.

Truman college offers financial aid to lower economic students. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Work Study Program, the Monetary Award Program, the Illinois Veteran Grant and the Illinois National Guard are some of the scholarship programmes offered at Truman college, Chicago.